Occupational Therapy in Brick, NJ

At Professional Therapy Associates, we understand how vital it is that parents have local providers available for services.

We’re residents of the local community, too.

Our location on Hooper Avenue is right near the borders of Toms River and Lakewood, and only minutes from Parkway Exit 90. While this is convenient for residents throughout Northern Ocean and Southern Monmouth, it’s uniquely suited for residents of the eastern half of Brick Township, which is often further away from the services they need.

PTA offers pediatric Occupational TherapyPhysical TherapySpeech TherapyABA Therapy and Social Skills

Many of these services overlap each other, and all of them are offered in our clinic right nearby! This means if your child needs more than one service (for example, Occupational Therapy and ABA), these services can often be scheduled back-to-back, saving you an extra set of trips out of the house.

For ABA Therapy, we also offer in-home services.

Please see our Location page for more info about where we are and how to get here. 

When in doubt, give us a call or email info@ptasensorygym.com with any questions you have about what we offer.