Professional Therapy Associates is now enrolling

Full-Day Intensive ABA

For children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnosis

Out of our Ocean County clinic in nearby Brick Township


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Finally, a Local Full-day Alternative In Monmouth and Ocean Counties To Suit Your Child’s Needs

As a parent of a child with ASD, your doctor may have told you that your child can benefit from a program that runs 20-40 hours per week.

However, few ABA programs are available locally to give your child so many hours, limiting your child’s education to a few options, such as your local school district.

If your local district is unable to offer your child the services he/she needs, or you’re unsatisfied for any number of reasons, the next best choices may be a further drive away than a parent can reasonably expect to take every day.

Finally, a full-day ABA program, covered by your health insurance, managed and run by ABA specialists, is available right in Brick Township to give your child all of the individualized services he/she needs.

And not just ABA Therapy. Because we offer OT, Speech and PT in the same location, if your child needs additional services, we’ll already have staff available to handle those services, as well!

What PTA Offers


Insurance-Covered, Pediatric Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Occupational Therapy


Speech Therapy


Physical Therapy


Social Skills

All out of our Hooper Avenue clinic in Brick Township, right near the Garden State Parkway, near the borders of Toms River and Lakewood.


Professionally Run. Locally Operated.

Arlene Schwartz

Arlene Schwartz

CEO/Owner, Head of Occupational Therapy

Lisa Wall

Lisa Wall

Clinical Director, Head BCBA

PTA is Owned by an OT, Directed By a BCBA

Our multidisciplinary approach helps us serve our community.

Covered By Your Health Insurance Plan

Currently through Horizon BCBS and Aetna with an accompanying Autism diagnosis.


Parent Training Included

You’ll actually get to speak to us! We’ll help you work out strategies to help you and your child at home. 

Come See What We’re About!

Professional Therapy Associates has been an active part of the Brick Township and surrounding communities since 2011. 

Almost all of our clients are from the area, most of our staff live in this area, and our Owner / CEO and Clinical Director have life-long ties to the community. 

Providing the very best treatment to this part of New Jersey is a core mission of ours. 

Click “Contact Us” below for ways to get in touch with us, or you can leave us your email and/or phone so we can get in touch with you. 

We would love to talk to you about what we can do to bring out the best in your child.

Our Family.
Our Community.

New Jersey is one of the leading states in treatment for ASD children. However, most of our state’s services are in northern counties, too far for parents in our area. Or they are too far west, near Philadelphia. 

We’re proud to provide our pediatric services to Central, particularly eastern-central New Jersey, whether you’re in or a little further out!


Is an Autism Diagnosis Required to Enroll?

Yes, unless a family is paying out of pocket. An ASD diagnosis is required for ABA Therapy services to be covered by health insurance in New Jersey.

Why Enroll in Intensive ABA Instead of Using My School's Program?

Without being part of a public school system, we have the opportunity to fully concentrate on what the children in our program need.

What If My Child Needs Additional Services Besides ABA, such as Speech?

PTA can provide these services as well during your child’s day with us.

We have fully licensed pediatric OTs, Speech-Language Pathologists and Physical Therapists who also work out of the same Brick Township location. 

What Age Range is This Program Intended For?

Generally, children up to Age 5.



What Our Families are Saying

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