Employment Opportunities

ABA Therapy

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) – Per Diem
  • ABA Therapist – Per Diem

Physical Therapy

  • Pediatric Physical Therapist – Per Diem

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Why Work at PTA?

The work-life of a pediatric therapist is not always easy.

For most therapists, it involves a lot of travel.

Typically a therapist will work for an agency which sends therapists to a child’s home. Your cases are offered to you by phone, from a person you may never meet, about a child whose family lives too far from your existing caseload.

You will rarely, if ever, meet a coworker or even your direct supervisor.

It’s not uncommon for a therapist of any discipline to travel up to two hours per day or more — which is unpaid time — to fit in enough billable hours!


What Sets PTA Apart


Convenience - Potentially Less Travel

Our cases are primarily run, in part or in whole, out of our Brick Township treatment center. This means less travel for you, which in turn means more possible cases per day for each therapist. 


We're Not an Agency - We're Family

Not only will you see other therapists and know their names, but we get together socially outside of work as well!


Multiple Disciplines Promote Consistent Case Loads

Many of our clients receive multiple services, not only because our clients trust us, but because of the ease of scheduling them out of one treatment center.

The combination of trust and convenience keeps our case turnover lower than agencies, which means a more consistent case load for you